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How to Have More Fun While Working Out

Have you ever wanted to like or even love exercise? Finding joy and fun in movement can create a commitment to an exercise regimen.  It may even reinvigorate you to start exercising again or to change up what your current exercise program is.  It all starts with defining what joy and fun means to you.  Some people love to sweat for a short period.  Some enjoy working out in a group.  Some prefer to work out alone. Some like to do adventure walks or hikes. Some like social clubs or events.

Think about a time where you left a workout and said, "whew, that was a great workout and I had a great time."  How did it leave you feeling? If you have never had this "whew" experience, no need to worry.  I have six ways you can inject more fun in your work out routine!

Good Workout Music: No surprise here, music is an amazing mood lifter.  It can also be an amazing workout lifter.  Creating a playlist before you hit the gym can be the foundation of motivation that you need.  Check out BoldBeats favorite playlist to get some ideas! You can also check out my monthly curated workout playlist. Spotify has a "Discover Weekly" option that curates music based on other items you have listened to.  I love finding songs I have never heard before! You may want to invest in wireless headphones so you can enjoy that new playlist to the fullest.

Get Workout Clothes that Make You Feel Good: Have you ever worn something to the gym that kept moving or getting in the way when you worked out? I'm sure it was distracting and sometimes made you feel uncomfortable.  Finding workout clothes that not only make you feel good but can also be an expression of who you are is key.  I enjoy finding clothes that move with my curves as a I move but also are bright (to show my winning personality :) ).  Favorite places to find work out clothes under $20 are JCPenney, Target, Five Below (I know right?) and Marshalls/TJMaxx.

Attend a Group Fitness Class: I always say in my fitness classes that a spark of energy generates more energy in the room.  Sometimes the energy and flow of a group fitness class can motivate you and bring a smile to your face.  Music based classes may be for you! Sometimes doing silly moves you would never do in any other point in your day is exactly what you need to let loose and dance with the person next to you.

Spice Up Your Workout: If you have been doing the same thing for the last year, maybe it's time to try something new and exciting.  Workouts, gyms, and classes can get expensive at times, but Groupon and Livingsocial are the best way to try new things at a reasonable cost.  I have tried aerial yoga, bootcamps, hot yoga, dance classes all from Groupons!

Find a Workout Buddy: Try inviting your friend to your favorite class or workout.  They will motivate you and bring a whole new level of enjoyment to your workout! Many gyms offer free passes for friends or have a referral program.

Try Movement Outside of a "Traditional Workout" Setting: You can get two for one by trying a new experience and burning calories.  I'm talking about rock climbing, walking in a new park in town, rowing a boat on the water, finding your closest national park, etc.

Sara, Creator of BoldBeats Fitness

(@SpiffySara) and (@BoldBeatsFitness)

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