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Cardio Kickboxing

Class Descriptions:

BoldBox (Cardio KickBoxing)

BoldBox is an cardio-centric kickboxing class with kicks and punches set to an amazing playlist.   No bags and no wraps needed.  Being a champion is a lifestyle, and this class will train you to be fighting machine in your every day life.  Most classes will have 4 rounds: the warm up, the hustle, the knockout and the cool down.

Round 1: The Warm Up

  • Round 1 will warm up your body, joints, and muscles with simple cardio kickboxing moves to prepare the body for a cardio-driven class.

Round 2: The Hustle

  • Round 2 is all about good music and choreographed cardio kickboxing moves you can build upon week to week.  This will take up the majority of the class time, and incorporates punches and kicks with fun cardio moves.

Round 3: The Knockout

  • Round 3 incorporates high intensity interval training (HIIT) and boot camp style strength drills to help you tap into your inner (and outer!) warrior.  It's time to drive home the workout with this knockout round!

Round 4: The Cool Down

  • Round 4 is meant bring your heart rate down and stretch your muscles and leaving you in the best mood ever.  Raise that fist, you are the champion of the rest of your day!


Upcoming Classes:

BoldBox (Cardio Kickboxing)

Virtual Classes Available!  Check out schedule here

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