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What Motivates You to Exercise? 6 Motivation Styles

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Motivation can be a key driver in keeping up with an exercise routine. Knowing that motivation and accountability keeps most people on track, do you know what your motivates you to keep moving and exercising?

Take a look below at the 6 different motivation styles. What style(s) do you fit into?


Style # 1: You are motivated by completing a task: This motivation style is for to do lists gurus. You are the type of person who keeps a notebook by the side of your bed, just in case inspiration hits! You love to document your exercise on your phone apps and sometimes on social media. You may not love exercising, but it feels damn good to finish it.

  • Why it motivates you: This is one item that you can start and complete within one day (and check off the to do list!). It provides motivation to show up and see it through until the end.

Style # 2: You are motivated by how your mind, spirit and body progresses: This motivation style is for those who love to look in the mirror and see their appearance reflect their hard work in the gym.. You love to see other areas of your life impacted by exercise, like having more energy for your family or friends, or feeling confident when you walk into a room.

  • Why it motivates you: You relish the idea of trying a fitness move you could barely do and now you are doing multiple repetitions. You are excited to hear your family, friends and co-workers say how youthful you look and act, and how much joy your fitness journey has brought to you.

Style # 3: You are motivated by friendly competition: This motivation style is for the person who loves to be among the best. You love signing up for competitions that are hard to conquer and complete. You enjoy exercising among people who you feel may step up your own game or may even be 'better' than you. You consider yourself an athlete of sorts, and enjoy standing in the front row of an exercise class.

  • Why it motivates you: You are inspired by people in the media/online and in your own gym who work hard for all they have achieved. You appreciate learning new skills from external resources. You are motivated by healthy internal competition with yourself.

Style # 4: You are motivated by commitment and dedication: This motivation style is for people who would describe themselves as dedicated. You are the person who sets their mind on goal and, once it is decided, lets nothing get in their way. You pack your clothes the night before, just to make sure you get in your exercise.

  • Why it motivates you: You are inspired by sticking to something consistently, rain or shine. You enjoy working out at the same time each day or each week. You love group classes, because it is a sense of commitment to yourself and the other regulars in class.

Style # 5: You are motivated by shattering expectations: This motivation style is for anyone who has been told ‘no’ and uses the word ‘no’ as fuel and fire. Your physical and fitness abilities have been doubted. You do not let convention tell you how to live your life. People tend to define you as unique and different (and you love that!).

  • Why it motivates you: You do not follow mainstream movement and fitness regiments; you do what feels good for your body and soul. Movement is a way of life to you and you do not follow fitness fads.

Style # 6: You are motivated by energy production: This motivation style is for people who pick on people vibes, just by walking past them or stepping into a room. You feel like when there is no energy, there is no passion. You are motivated by good music and good vibes. You love a great music playlist or a passionate instructor to lead you in your workout.

  • Why it motivates you: You soak up good energy and save it for a rainy day. You feel as if exercise or exercise classes fill up your cup, so you are able to give to others.


I am team #5 and #6


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