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Creating Your Own Positive Affirmations That Seriously Work

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Think about a time when you passed a co-workers desk and it was plastered with self-affirmations. Admittedly, it has sometimes surprised me that this particular person would believe in the power of positive self-talk. It could be that what they posted in their office or cubicle did not exactly align with how I thought of them or how they behaved in the workplace. The most important takeaway is to practice what we post (online and on your office walls) and then think about how we might ‘walk the walk’ through actions. To get you on the right path of fine tuning your own affirmation practice, here are the most successful ways to use positive affirmations.

Be aware of the negative images, thoughts, past stories you tell yourself: Write positive affirmations that target your negative self-talk. Acknowledge that you are in fact the author of your thoughts. Flip the switch on the recurring negative phrases and craft positive affirmations to say the opposite sentiment. Where do you find your thoughts circle the most? Is it focused on how you look? What you accomplished so far? How you interact with people closest with you? How you handle stress? The negative thoughts may vary from day to day, and may even vary depending on life’s circumstances. What is it that your heart needs to hear from you right now? For example, if you find yourself having ruminating, endless thoughts and feel trapped by them, you might create an affirmation that says “I am the architect of my life and thoughts, and I define my reality.”

Imagine that your positive affirmations are the deep truth of who you really are: Yes, affirmations can seem a bit cheesy and even obvious at times. In order to embed the new positive thoughts to replace the old negative ones, you have to start your practice by believing that the statements are already the truth and you are simply reminding yourself of the deep truth of who you already are. The word “affirm” means to “state as a fact, assert strongly and publicly.”

Every practice takes time to build and repetition is paramount: Like any practice (like learning a new skill or language), you have to be committed and recognize that the skill takes time to build. What time of day are you most likely to implement this practice? Can you build it into an existing practice that you already have? For example, most days I stretch before walking or working out. I have added a few affirmations during my stretch routine to ensure that I practice daily.

Know the language that speaks to your soul: Some words will not resonate with you. Some words and phrases may even turn you off from the practice of positive affirmations. Someone might really hate the word “manifest,” while someone else is in love with it.

Place your affirmations where you will see it frequently: Do you prefer to write them down in a journal or on a post-it note? Commit to one or two ways that align with how you like to receive and process information.

Here is a list that can get you started on creative your own personalized affirmations:

  • I am grateful that…

  • I choose to think that….

  • I am passionate about …

  • I am joyful because…

  • I am surrounded with....

  • I am inspired by…

  • I am a spark of…

Be playful! It can go beyond “I am” statements if that works better for you.

  • Today, I choose to abandon…

  • My mind is clear of….

  • Today, I choose to be at peace with....

  • I redefine every circumstance to...

Here are some of my favorites as of lately:

  • I rise above negative thoughts and low actions.

  • My ability to conquer challenges is limitless.

  • I am becoming the best version of myself every day.

  • My body is healthy, and I move my body with radiant joy and confidence.

  • I am always focused on healing myself and living with purpose.

  • I am speaking up for what is right for me and others, and I am setting boundaries.

  • I am love, and people want to be around me because I have loving energy.

  • I believe that no one knows me better than me, and I am responsible for uplifting my spirits.

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