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Bold Woman of March-- Meet Emily!

  • Tell us a little more about you. After growing up in Silver Spring, MD, I moved back to the DC area in March 2016. Prior to my return, I was a first grade teacher in Pennsylvania, a Fulbright scholar in Nepal, and a curriculum researcher in Tanzania. Currently, I work for a large international education non-profit that promotes opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. My area of concentration is in supporting teachers in regions of the world experiencing conflict or natural disaster. Outside of work, I am a singer-songwriter and frequently perform at local coffee shops and yoga studios!

  • Why do you like to dance fitness as your work out? How long have you been doing it? How does it make you feel? I attended my first Zumba class in May 2016. Although I had no previous dance experience, I was immediately drawn in by the bold beats and positive environment. I love dance fitness because it helps me let loose. It makes me feel energized and ready to take on anything!

  • What makes you feel bold or fierce in your everyday life? I feel fierce when I look in the mirror and see how far I have come. I’m proud to be a smart, kind, and ambitious woman.

  • Any reason why you like BoldBeats/Sara's classes? I love Sara’s classes because they not only provide a good workout, but they also provide a community of support. It is empowering to dance with a community of women of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. I’ve met some wonderful people in Sara’s classes who have encouraged me to keep fighting to achieve my fitness goals. This support network helps me keep going and stay motivated.  

  • Do you have any interesting fitness related goals in 2017? I broke my toe back in June and was unable to exercise for several months. I ended up gaining over 30 pounds. While sitting in the doctor’s office, I noticed a healthy weight chart on the wall and was mortified to see how far I was from the ideal weight for a woman my height. My goal for 2017 is to fall within the healthy weight range. I began working out again in January 2017 and have already lost 20lbs! I’m ready to be my ideal self-- inside and out. Dance fitness has helped me build a more positive body image and celebrate each milestone along the journey.

  • Anything else you want people in class to know? Could be anything! My current affirmation: When you think good thoughts, good things come your way! Stay positive, stay active, stay strong. You are worth it. You have a choice.

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